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Somebody to Somebody

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

The set was complete. The colorful pillows were carefully placed on the comfortable couch. Each decoration was expertly placed on nearby tables and the wall hangings were balanced and effective in their special spot. All of my lighting equipment was at the ready. It was a bit of a challenge in that the carpet on the floor was only one of the two key subjects of my photo session. The other had not arrived. The lighting that I set was crafted to evenly illuminate the flooring but to cast everything else in its properly defined supportive glow.

While awaiting the arrival of the one who was to sit upon that couch in the midst of all of the delineated decor, I was asked "So Kevin...Have you ever shot a celebrity before?"

How would you answer the question? Naturally pretty punny, I quickly decided to pass on any references to bullets and guns. My response?

"Define celebrity."

Photography set

During a prestigious award presentation last night, two members of the Kardashian clan began to announce the recipients of an honor. During their presentation they bestowed words of value upon a nominee that underscored the importance of "normal people". The obvious giggles that erupted in the hall did not deter the Kardashian pair from finishing their speech and subsequent presentation. The irony of the Kardashians honoring a production that highlighted normal people proved to be too much for the audience to politely "squelch".

Celebrity status does deserve definition. In choosing a succinct two-word response to my questioner before my photography session, I wanted to make a point. Yes, I have snapped photographs of "celebrities" from politicians, news broadcasters, meteorologists, television hosts, athletes to musicians. The point that could not be overlooked was the fact that everyone I place before my camera lens is somebody to somebody. Previously it was an infant and her mother. Earler it was a physician preparing an application for residency. The list of business entrepreneurs, bridal parties, and community leaders that I've photographed are all celebrities to someone in their family circle, business and neighborhood communities. Therefore each one will get the same treatment as the internationally renown television host and interior designer that was soon to arrive to my portrait session. A lot was riding on my performance as a photographer and the company that was about to launch the subsequent line of merchandise. Very little was different from the earlier photo sessions that week. I arrived early, meticulously set up my inventory of relevant equipment and made all of the proper adjustments that I would have made for the infant and mother. Everybody is a celebrity to me as a business owner and artist. What a better business you will build, what a better world this will be if everyone is cast by everyone as deserving "red carpet" treatment.

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