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Updated: Feb 14, 2020

I just received the news that there is a new prince in England. The British monarchy has grown in numbers by a single digit. I've always been a bit of an Anglophile, but ever since Meghan Markle joined the crew, I've really been dialed in. I am an American of biracial parentage. The Duchess of Sussex is not the first mixed race royal in England and will not be the last. Because of who she is, I am fairly confident this new little prince of hers will be particularly attuned to his unique roll in British history. This youngest heir will be Doria and Diana's grandson after all. This will be an interesting little lad to follow. Although he will never reach the throne, because of all of his cousins who were born earlier, England will will be watching his entire life.

I've been privileged to be awarded a "5 Star" rating from each of my clients who've given a review. Frankly, this is a bit overwhelming for me. I'm often rated by Thumbtack as the highest ranking professional Photographer in the greater Chattanooga area. After talking with my clients and reading their reviews, I'm flattered that they speak in such glowing terms about my photography. Now I want you to know that I am quite aware that there are much better photographers in this region. I have too much respect for my colleagues to lay any claim on the top spot in terms of technical skill. What I think that my clients feel so good about is how they are treated. From the pricing, negotiations, engagement, billing and final output, I want my clients to know that they are special. In fact, I do not pad my calendar with too many appointments just so that the clients that I have will be the recipients of my full attention. They may never by a Duke or Duchess, but for the time that we are engaged, my clients will feel like royalty. My photographs are pretty good~some are better than others. My clients will see their photographs as better than they really are because I treat them like they wear golden crowns. If you haven't you should find out what that feels like. Hire me.

Alicia awaits her wedding ceremony. (Kevin Kibble, photographer) Grandview

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