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I'm going to bend my own rule just a little bit for today. My practice has been to feature a social media "post of the day". I usually select one of the most interesting daily posts that I generate for any one of my clients, clubs or service groups. You get to see what I am up to and, hopefully, what I can do for you, your company, club or organization. I just have to show you what I was up to yesterday. My wife needed to get some work done on a Sunday so we picked one of my favorite hangouts nearby and settled in. It just happened to be next door to one of my clients. While my wife went to work on her laptop, I popped into Mixed Up Cup. One of my friends was on duty, so I asked her to text me if she saw an interesting photo opportunity "pop up". Becca knows just what I am looking for in terms of vibrance and vitality. Her first text came about an hour later. The trio of sisters that I saw in the cafe had a great deal of "v" and "v" alright. Unfortunately, they were all unaccompanied minors. I prefer to follow protocol and photograph minors only with the permission of their elders. I returned to my own laptop work next door. It wasn't long before I received Becca's second text. She was quite aglow when I entered into the cafe door. Little Madison was a blur of activity in the space while Dad tried to keep up with her. Mom filtered the options on the menu right down to the things her little one would most enjoy. After getting the permission of her parents, I tracked Madison for awhile to capture just the right moment. I knew that it would not be one in which she would have food in her active little hands. It would just be too volatile a situation. When she grabbed up my plastic frame advertising our social media handles, well, it was....just...too...cute...for...words.

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