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The Long Haul

An early morning wedding was the reason that I rolled out of bed before sunrise. The autumn dawn was on its way, but my Ford and I joined the others on the dark roads heading for our responsibilities. My destination was over 90 minutes away. The route would be well lit by street lamps and highway beacons for some time before the sun would take over. I like getting to my destinations at least thirty minutes ahead of time. I neglected to determine whether or not I would be traveling over a time barrier, so I actually drove headlong into the central time zone. My arrival was now well over ninety minutes early. Fortunately, my scheduled event was in a state park. The time to check the gear and locations became suddenly sacred. There was more time to settle in and listen to the flow of the falls, the song of the bird and very little else.

It's been seven months set to the tone of chaos in the world. I'm deeply saddened by the millions of cases of illness, thousands of deaths, social polarization and disturbing weather phenomenon. What has made all of this bearable has been my wife, family, friends and my clients. The majority of the weddings on my calendar were postponed or cancelled due to the abundance of cautions regarding health advisories. It was the majority of my clients who took the time to gather family for portraits or revamp their promotional content with new headshots. For these clients, I am deeply grateful. I was able to keep operational during this awkward period for small businesses. As I watched the water tumble into the depths below, I took note of the fact that the river kept running. The fall did not break the water, it made its beauty apparent in a new way. The rocks did not stop the flow of the river, it gave the water the opportunity to find a different route. That is how we make it through this difficult period in our history. Find a new route. Innovate. The change in elevation just exhibits our beauty in a brand new way.

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