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  • Kevin Kibble

Things are Shaping Up to be Just Fine

There are probably several things that are technically wrong with me. I will be transparent with you just enough to admit one near the top of my list. I seldom see things as they are. It's a problem. When I enter a room, I am not drawn to WHAT the thing is, but what SHAPE that thing is. I can spend a great deal of time in the bathroom, not primping, but captivated with the water faucet or even the toilet. I don't cook that much, but I can look at pots, pans and cutlery for hours in this little exercise. It takes some effort to even draw me out of this practice even if there are other people in the room. I especially enjoy looking when those shapes relate to each other in some way. So I just love today's post of the day. I brought it from the kitchen in my home where I first spied it. The shape plays with the contents. For those of you who have visited Mixed Up Cup (in the Cambridge Square area of Ooltewah, TN) you will notice the reflection of the unique light fixtures. I can look at this dish for hours. The aroma of the flavors of the soup are not lost on me by just watching closely enough. I hope the customers of my client do the same as long as they make a purchase.

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