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Getting it all Behind Me

So much about being an effective SOMA (My Wife's adaptation of my job title is "Social Media Artist") is a daily commitment to quality communication to the public on the behalf of my client. Lately, I have given quite a bit of thought to what all of this means to me. When possible, I do enjoy just spending time in the environment of my clients. It is important to me to adopt the rthymn of their space, the dialect of their staff and the culture of their relationships. If I embed myself deeply into the experience of my clients, then telling the public about them becomes very personal. It is an expression of me as much as it is them. So when I feel pressed for time, I find it important to stop just long enough to think about the tasks that my clients have pressing upon them. Their "To-Do" lists are long, they have inventory, scheduling, meetings and staff calling them. When identifying with their challenges then I turn my attention to their public. When I think about it long enough, I discover that there is quite a bit of overlap between the realities of my clients, their public and me. A quality social media post speaks to as many of these entities as possible at once.

Today's post of the day is a message to all of us. I captured an image of Aimee Maschof from a photograph I took last year. I've always wanted to use it in some capacity. Today was the day. The message was for my clients, their public and me. Maybe it is for you too!

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