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  • Kevin Kibble


One of my clents is a very talented Christian musician. I seldom see him. He travels the world almost every weekend providing a very loyal fanbase with concerts. I get the privilege of providing creative content for his social media. Jaime Jorge likes to be engaged with his fans as much as possible. I typically provide content that expresses his personal faith and his music. Since Leap Year comes once every four years, I wanted to incorporate some element of reference for his post. Additionally, I wanted to address some of the racial challenges that often accompanies Black History month in communities like the one in which I reside. I get most of my ideas in the early morning. I wondered what song could incorporate the global orbit with themes of peace and harmony. The song that embedded itself deep within my consciousness was the Negro Spiritual "He's Got the Whole World in His Hands. I found just the right image from Code_Scythe. It not only captured the theme of the song, but the hands are rough in texture. They also seem to cradle the fragile globe. The text just fell into place around the image. I can't tell you how satisfying this process was to me.

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