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  • Kevin Kibble

Bowl Me Over

I get a lot of my ideas for my clients by just staying alert. If I am getting close to a deadline and I feel like my creative well is running a little dry, I wander the clearance aisles of the local big box store or the neighborhood "five and dime". With the temperatures remaining low, I knew that it was going to be a good day to get the word out about the great soup options at Mixed Up Cup. This is one of my favorite clients and this adorable cafe is packed full of vibrant color from the fruity desserts to the paint on the walls. I am a big fun of color. I set out to find something at Walmart to provide a vibrant prop for the soup of the day. It wasn't long before I caught a glint of color in the lower shelf of a pretty bland looking aisle. The adjacent label read "Salsa dish", but the color and the price really did "bowl me over". For just a few dollars I secured the context for my client's offering. Back at Mixed Up Cup, I filled the salsa bowls with Tomato Basil and Chicken Noodle soups. Set upon the distressed table in the "couch corner", the arranged bowls gave me nearly all of the colors of a southeastern rainbow. Enjoy my post of the day of the soups de jour.

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