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  • Kevin Kibble

Ready....(not ready)

Reviewing my portfolio for a meeting with a prospective client, I saw several of my photos that recaptured my attention. This particular nuptial to which I refer took place last summer on a farm. The children in a wedding party easily provide plenty of opportunities for great pictures. It's just that a good photographer really should pay attention to the Bride most of the time. I did get a glimpse of the parents ushering their well dressed children out toward the farm animals and I just had to follow along. The challenge with children is not to be too present in their moment. I've learned how to turn my lens to adjacent elements to get the focus and lighting just right. When the perfect moment takes place, I hope to be ready. There were so many great shots that I took by just aiming with my eyes a long way from the viewfinder. I get real religious in those moments, just praying that I capture the kids in the frame. Someone once said, "It is more important to be lucky than good." When it comes to the photography of children and animals, I think I have been fortunate to be both.

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