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  • Kevin Kibble

On the Right Foot

About a year ago, I felt the need for a deeper experience of community. My subsequent internet search revealed a meeting of men in a town nearby each week. It was a little intimidating showing up at the appointed time. The guys in the room were all different in their ages, shapes and sizes, but pretty much the same skin color. They were all a LOT lighter than me. Since I grew up in that kind of setting I was okay with those dynamics, but I wondered if they would be able to cope. I survived the first meeting and felt that I should at least give it another try. With rare exception, I have been attending for over twenty months. In this bunch, I have found the community that I was hoping to discover. This group has the ability to talk about everything that matters. There is a report from every one. The yield is that there are good events on bad days for some and bad events on good days for others. We are pretty good at responding to each episode as it is reported. You may have heard that this is not the easiest task to accomplish among men. It does with this bunch. I captured this image at the end of our session last night. My intention was to send it to some of the guys that weren't there and to use for future promotional events. It says a lot about us. We are definitely individuals, but collectively, totally in step.

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