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  • Kevin Kibble

Out of this World

When I heard that one of my clients was going to buy a local yoga studio, my first words were "That's GREAT!". The next phrase came out of my mouth nearly unfiltered. "I don't know a thing about yoga!" That was ten months ago. Fortunately, the bliss of ignorance had a short shelf life. Yoga provides so many benefits to its practitioners. I sought each element in the eyes of the yogis of the new studio and attempted to capture them in imagery and verbiage to the best of my ability. It was an adventure then and has not lost its charm to this day.

Today's post features one of the regular participants to Yoga East Ooltewah in Hamilton County, TN. Elisabeth enjoys yoga to the degree that the most strenuous of poses cannot dampen her serene demeanor. She will often burst from the most focused sequence into "little girl" giggles. She unites strength and beauty in every session. I grabbed her image from a regular studio class that I photographed and utilized Adobe Photoshop® to overlay it on a beautiful image of the Milky Way in public domain. For more images of Elisabeth and her fellow yogis visit or

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