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  • Kevin Kibble

When Gravity Gets You Down

The Post of the Week combines an image capture from a Yoga class with a bit of graphic design. I've really tried to learn as much as possible about yoga since one of my clients purchased her own studio a year ago. Fairly ignorant about the whole practice then, I've studied as much as I can so that I can relate to the communication needs of Yoga East Ooltewah. Recently, I've become aware of a new sequence of asanas (poses). In the image, the participants are placing themselves in the best possible position so that gravity will press them toward the mat to reduce strain. The intent of the yoga practice is to access the natural resources of the body for the fullest measure of anatomical and mental restoration. This concept is one that is very attractive to me. At times I wrestle with how to best present a feature from one of my clients to their community. My goal is always to summon the attention of the customers of my clients with fresh content every day. This is easier to accomplish on some days more than others. I've allowed myself to access my archives and reissue something that I posted months ago. This is my version of the football "punt" play. I prefer to allow the natural laws of inspiration to move me toward a great idea for that client product that day. Most often, I've popped up to social media outlets on the internet something that initially surprised me. It most often is in the form of a pun, or a visual delight that will keep the public motivated to stop in and enjoy that feature that day. Temporarily defying some natural law can be a lot of fun and a cornerstone of creativity that leads to generating refreshing, and memorable daily content.

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